Can't decide or agree on where to have your Christmas party this year?

Not fussed about where as long as you're guaranteed a great time?

Need to get something booked before everywhere is full?


Why not let us choose for you? It's the best lucky dip you could enter!

Add an element of surprise and intrigue to your event with our lucky dip. We know what it’s like at Christmas: busy, busy, busy. So, let us help you with at least one decision-where to book a great Christmas night out. Choose our lucky dip option when you book lunch and dinner and we’ll call you 24 hours in advance to tell you if you’ll be dining at TigerlilyRabble Taphouse & Grill or Indigo Yard. All diners will get a round of Christmas cocktails on us to get the party started.

Lucky Dip is available seven days a week from 01-30 December.

And that's not all...

We’ll be bringing Secret Santa to life for parties at Rabble, Tigerlily, Indigo Yard, Montpeliers and Candy Bar. The lucky guest who finds a golden envelope under their seat will become Santa, change into the Santa suit and perform their Secret Santa duties from the special Santa seat at the table.

Sorry, but presents aren’t included.

It's the surprise that'll provide all the conversation at the dinner table and plenty of photos!


To book either of our 'Mix it up Christmas' or 'Secret Santa' experience, email tammie@montpeliers.co.uk.